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Employers who have paid wages in covered employment must register for an employer account. After the registration is complete you will receive an Employer Identification Number (EIN) and can begin to file wage reports and maintain your account via the online system.

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Employer Announcements


2019 Contribution Rate Notices will be mailed on Wednesday, January 9, 2019, to the mailing address on record. Please verify your mailing address by navigating to the Account Maintenance tab on your account profile. To view your 2019 tax rate, click on the underlined tax rate under UI Contribution Rate.

Attention Household Employers – Annual Filers: The 2019 tax rates for household employers annual filers will be calculated and finalized during 2019/3Q. Please note, the current 2019 rates for Annual filers in ESSP are estimated tax rates. Annual filer contribution rate notices will be generated and mailed to the address on file after final rates are calculated.

Please be advised, effective January 1, 2019, invalid/outdated mailing addresses on employer accounts will impact the ability to file 4th quarter of 2018 contribution reports and the remittance of any amounts due. Employers/Third-Party Agents must validate mailing addresses on file via ESSP prior to quarterly or annual contribution report submission. For assistance in updating your mailing address or for ESSP log-in credentials, please contact

The Department of Employment Services (DOES) issues monthly bills to all employers with balances due. These balances are generated from the District of Columbia Unemployment Insurance Tax system of record – not the online Employer Self-Service Portal (ESSP); therefore your account may indicate discrepancies in balances due. Employers/Agents who view discrepancies in ESSP must refer to the hard copy of the bill issued to the account mailing address on file in the District’s UI Tax system of record.

Due to expected high call volume, DOES urges Employers/Agents to refer any questions regarding bills to

UI Tax Employer Guidance: DOES UI Employer Handbook - Click Here to View the DOES UI Employer Handbook


Please be advised, pursuant to DC Code §51-104(b)&(c), the 2018/4 due date for the submission of wage reports and payments for Quarterly Filers is Thursday, January 31, 2019.

If payments due are not made by the aforementioned due date, interest will be assessed at a rate of 1 ½% per month until the amount due has been paid. Further, if any wage reports or payments due have not been submitted by the aforementioned date, a late penalty in the amount of 10% of the amount due or $100, whichever is greater, will be assessed to your account


Pursuant to DC Code § 32–1009.01. Notice requirements for tipped wages; please be advised that restaurants and other employers having employees that are paid pursuant to § 32–1003(f)(1) (Tipped Employees), must submit a quarterly "Tipped Wage Report" to the Mayor via an Internet-based portal (ESSP) to ensure that employees receive a combined wage and gratuity (tip) income that is no less than the full minimum wage.

Employers and Agents can now upload an electronic file containing tipped wage information Click here to download the file specification instructions.

Out of State Wage Adjustment Requests – DOES Requirements - Click Here to View DOES Requirements

Effective immediately, pursuant to DC Code § 51-104 (e)(i), the Department of Employment Services (DOES) will no longer accept employer and agent out of state wage credit requests for period ending calendar year 2014.
To receive this credit, employers or agents must submit a copy of the applicable wage summaries for each employee that the employer is attempting to receive credit for. Wage summaries for the respective states should include the employee’s name, SSN and earnings for the quarter and year. Additionally, supporting documentation must be provided supporting the claim for an out of state wage credit. Upon receipt of wage reports and supporting documentation, the employer or agent should expect a response from DOES within eight (8) weeks.


Please be advised, a valid and approved Power of Attorney(POA) document must be on file in order for an Agent to discuss account matters with DOES staff on behalf of the Employer. A blank DOES POA form can be downloaded here. TPA’s will no longer have access to perform services If a valid and approved POA is NOT on file in ESSP.

In an effort to mitigate extended hold times over the phone, should you need further assistance, please send your inquiry/request in writing via email to

Click Here to View the POA FAQ document

UI Tax Employer Guidance: Worker Misclassification Facts - Click Here to View Worker Misclassification Facts